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Antoine Gaslais

Antoine Gaslais was born in France in 1975. He moved to Paris to attend art studies in Penninghen School, then Maryse Eloy School where he graduated with honors. He immediately joined a production company as artistic director, working primarily in the medium of music publishing.

In 2001, he joined and mounts the collective designers 21X29,7 he developed during seven years of cultural and institutional budgets.

In 2008 he left the group and began handcrafted silkscreens works parallel to the activity freelance art director. Always fascinated by car, but also aviation and motorcycle, he works for the promotion and preservation of historic vehicles through its association 912Club.

In 2015 he moved the workshop to Pays Basque in southern France, to express his art and a new way of life.


© Laurent Nivalle

Screen printing is an old process that involves passing ink through a mesh. It's a kind of stencil. The creation, the cutting of the paper, the drying of each color, until the creation that will adorn a wall, everything is realized by the strength of the arms. Each poster is a concentrate of passion, patience and know-how. They are carefully numbered in small series and signed.

The workshop_ The "slow print"

© Laurent Nivalle

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